Creating a path to healing
with an integrative and holistic approach to therapy

In Person and Online Therapy for Individuals and Couples in California.

Have you forgotten what inspires you?

Does your life feel very routine and uninspired? Do you feel stuck? Have you experienced trauma or pain?

What if you were able to reconnect with the most authentic and inspired version of yourself and create a life filled with purpose and connection?

Change can feel scary but therapy in a safe and supportive environment can help you reclaim your inspiration and your guiding light. As your therapist, I will walk with you on a journey of self-discovery and healing, helping you work through what is holding you back.

Get help navigating some of life’s biggest challenges, including:

  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self-Esteem
  • Relationships
  • Addiction
  • Life Transitions
  • Divorce
  • Grief
  • Empty Nesting
  • Break Ups
  • Career Transitions
  • Chronic Illness
  • Aging
  • Spirituality
  • Stress
  • Women’s Issues

You are so much more than a diagnosis.

These challenges can feel overwhelming and can be symptoms of pain, trauma, and overwhelm, of a life defined by the expectations of others and a disconnection from the most inspired part of you.

How would it feel to be free from these challenges?

In the safety of the therapeutic relationship, we are able to move through your deepest pain and process challenging life experiences. Therapy is a collaborative and supportive process…an invitation to deepen your understanding of who you truly are and what lights you up.

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It’s time to heal and reconnect with the best version of yourself.

I don’t believe that you are a diagnosis but a whole person who may be struggling in a culture that does not always honor who you truly are. Connection with each client as an individual and listening deeply to your story is the foundation of my approach to therapy.

I believe in working with the whole person to integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Together we will start the process of healing and connection to your most authentic and empowered self through the use of depth psychology, ecotherapy, somatic work, EMDR, mindfulness, and holistic lifestyle evaluation and recommendations.

You are not defined by your struggles.

Hi. I’m Sara Murdoch, MA, AMFT

I provide a safe, comforting, and non-judgmental environment for teens, adults, and couples.

My professional experience includes working with trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, relational issues, and navigating challenging life experiences like empty nesting, divorce, aging, break ups, career transitions, and chronic illness.

I am a Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist working under the supervision of Dr Gary Linker, PhD, LMFT in his private practice and under the supervision of Romi Cumes, LMFT, CMT in her private practice Romi Cumes Somatic Therapy, P.C.

I received a Master’s in Counseling Psychology with a depth psychology orientation from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara with additional training in somatic therapy, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork. I hold certifications in EMDR, Ecotherapy, Reiki Level I, and am a RYT 200 hr yoga teacher. My work with diverse populations from a variety of backgrounds, includes work with individuals, couples, and groups.

Connecting with you as an individual and listening deeply to your story helps me to see your unique potential.

In my personal life, I am a Mom (to an adult human child, two dogs and a horse), a surfer, a hiker, a nature lover, and an adventurer. I can relate to what you are going through and know how difficult it can be to feel unhappy and stuck.

There was a time that I was living a life that was not mine, disconnected from my true self. I was stuck in an unhappy and toxic relationship, a corporate job I hated, and associating with people who I did not feel connected to.

I was living my life for other people but not for myself.

I changed my life by healing past trauma and unearthing the most authentic and empowered parts of myself. I healed my relationships and reconnected with my true values. Now, I’m here to help YOU do the same.